Bass and Guitar Tuition - Voice - keyboard - songwriting - arranging - music technology

Christian Laki (B.Mus.) 
Christian is a professional full-time musician, composer, producer, and music teacher/guitar teacher/singing teacher. He offers individually tailored music tuition specialising in bass guitar lessons & guitar lessons. In addition he offers tuition in songwriting & lyric writing, singing lessons, keyboard & piano lessons, composition, arranging, production, and music technology.

Music lessons involve half a lesson in theory and technique and half a lesson spent playing the music of the student's choice. All students are given direction in their learning as Christian follows his own core 3 stage program. This program aims to provide students with well rounded musical understanding, leading to the joy and freedom of improvisation and composition. 

Christian prides himself on being a dedicated and patient teacher offering the highest quality tuition possible. He aims to be friendly and encouraging whilst also striving for excellence and bringing out the best in each student. He has learnt during his years of teaching the importance of listening to his students needs and to nurture them in their musical development, and not force them in a direction that isn't right for them.

Guitar for beginners is not a problem either. Christian is always keen to introduce music to people who have never played music before and offers plenty of help and advice in terms of guitar lessons for beginners.

Learn guitar, electric bass guitar ~ fretless bass ~ piccolo bass ~ u bass ~ electric guitar 6/12 string ~ steel string acoustic guitar ~ nylon string classical/Spanish/Flamenco guitar ~ steel/lapsteel guitar ~ lute ~ ukulele ~ piano/keyboard ~ singing  

Improvisation ~ writing songs ~ lyric writing ~ composition ~ arranging ~ production ~ music theory ~ musicianship ~ reading/sight-reading ~ ear-training ~ music technology ~ singing/sight-singing/harmonising

Contemporary ~ rock ~ rockabilly ~ pop ~ metal ~ tapping ~ slap bass ~ funk ~ electric/acoustic/flatpicking/fingerstyle blues ~ electric/acoustic slide guitar ~ open tunings ~ folk ~ jazz/improvisation/chord substitution ~ walking bass/bass line construction ~ manouche ~ world music ~ reggae/ska ~ classical ~ flamenco ~ Spanish guitar ~ early music ~ contemporary classical ~ classical bass (Bach for bass for eg.) ~ metal bass (3 finger technique)

Scales and understanding keys ~ modes, their relationship to keys, chords, and improvisation ~ arpeggios ~ chords & chord construction ~ reading notation, tablature, charts, and sight-reading ~ ear-training for identifying intervals, chords, and transcription ~ flat picking, fingerstyle, and hybrid picking styles ~ natural and artificial harmonics ~ alternate tunings ~ various time signatures including time changes, assymetrical time signatures, and polyrhythms ~ muting ~ vibrato (for e.g. Bigsby) ~ eBowing ~ guitar, amp, and effect settings and application ~ computer recording, composition, arranging, and production, specialising in Apple Logic ~ assistance with setting up home studios, including on-site assistance

From a basic idea to a commercial release, Christian can assist with the writing, recording, production, and release of student's original songs.

Students are encouraged to bring in songs/music that they wish to learn. Included in his hourly rate is Christian's preparation time in preparing and often transcribing music for his students. 

Christian is able to help with singing and lyric writing in different languages such as German, French, Spanish, Hungarian, and a little Portuguese for Brazillian repertoire such as bossa-nova.

AMEB classical and contemporary courses offered ~ help with school music studies, performance and examination preparation ~ tertiary entrance examination and audition preparation ~ preparation for professional auditions

Levels and Ages
All levels from beginner to professional and all ages from around 10 and up are catered for.

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